Welcome to SYF101!

My name is Mike Rifino and I am your professor for the First Year Seminar in Psychology (SYF101) course. Welcome to our Course Site where you will find all course relevant resources and assignments. This includes the syllabus, announcements of college-wide resources, our discussion board, and a brief self-intro. Importantly, Blackboard will be used to post grades and email and Slack will serve as our communication tools. Please email me (mrifino@gradcenter.cuny.edu)with any questions and enjoy your new digital space!

Course Description

Part of LaGuardia’s First Year Experience, this course is designed to assist incoming students majoring in Psychology to make a successful transition to their major and college life. This course is based on open educational resources that are zero-cost to all.  The First Year Seminar for Psychology introduces psychology and ways to think about different theoretical approaches and research that are relevant to student success, such as learning, identity, and motivation, and research methods. This course addresses issues related to navigating personal development and academic achievement in psychology.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the diversity within psychology and the fields within psychology. (Inquiry, Problem Solving, Integration)
  • Define the purposes of higher education and the policies and expectations of LaGuardia Community College and its faculty; engage with the life of the College through active curricular, advising, and co-curricular participation. (Inquiry and Integration)
  • Locate the multiple resources available at LaGuardia and use these to complete assignments and solve academic problems related to advising, course selection, academic skills, and extracurricular activities. (Inquiry and Problem solving)
  • Identify education goals, potential careers for studying psychology and prepare possible paths for the future. (Inquiry and Integration)